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From Our Garden Niagara

Plants - Wildflower Seed Balls (4 per bag)

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Help out the pollinators and bring some beauty to your space!

Pollinators are part of a natural food web and ecosystem. Wildflowers act as a source of food and habitats for many pollinators in our area. Providing enough natural habitats and species of plants is essential in maintaining a balanced food web that is critical for our own food system and the overall health of our ecosystem.  

Throw these seed balls into vacant lots, waste spaces, or plant in your garden or containers to grow wildflowers and help return native biodiversity to the land!

Each bag contains 4 hand-made seed balls made out of a mix of soil, compost, clay, and shade-tolerant wildflower seeds. Each ball contains 10-30 mixed seeds that are ready to be planted.